A Bold, New Approach to Modern Workplace Wellness

whether your staff are working from home, in the office or off-site, Desk Yogi has an innovative online solution to lower stress and absenteeism

Desk Yogi Benefits

Working with our respected partners ‘Desk Yogi’, we provide a wide selection of short Video exercises for the mind and body to optimise your staff’s health and wellbeing. Desk Yogi gives your employees the key to managing their own well being and mental health in one location.


Stress Reduction

Based on Employee Survey


Reduction in Absenteism

Based on Data

The Five Minute

Wellness Solution

Desk Yogi helps your employees avoid burnout and feel great with short videos on fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition and ergonomics, designed for use at work, whenever they need a quick break. Wherever their desk may be, in the office or at home., by incorporating Desk Yogi as part of your employee benefits you will help reduce employee stress levels, which in turn will make for a more cooperative & relaxed work space.

A healthier work environment

– online, anytime.

  • Wide variety of short, accessible practices for any body type, physical condition or interest focus.
  • Sharing tools to facilitate company interaction.
  • Customizable reminders encourage participation.
  • Build comradery through challenges, leader boards and team participation awards.
  • Accessible on any device

Launch quickly & easily

- access anywhere.

  • Deploy in minutes
  • Launch & engagement tools built-in
  • Complimentary employer co-branding
  • Customized dashboard & reporting
  • SSO & HRIS integration supported

Why Choose 

The Desk Yogi Service

Improve the physical, mental and spiritual state of every employee with our short form video breaks designed to easily fit into the workday. Fitness, meditation, stretching, nutrition, and learning & development - right where you work be that at home or in the office in 5 minutes or less.

Our videos look to address the mental health and physical well being and to help employees choose their own set of challenges and targets to work to.

Well-being Solutions

For All Your Employees, Anytime

With the way we work facing many challenges we realise that this brings its own stress to your workforce.  Our aim is to provide you with the tools to help your workforce manage both old and new ways of working by giving them the ability to help themselves through the challenges they may face.  Each bite size session will assist them by targeting both the physical and mental aspects of their working, covering subjects such as fitness, mindfulness, yoga, stretching, breathing meditation, nutrition.

Eye-strain Relief

Chair Workout

Chair Back Bend

Upper Body Stretches

Improve Focus & Performance

A regular short break, of even 3 minutes, can dramatically reduce daily stress. Therefore Desk Yogi gives your employees the key to managing their own well being and mental health in one location. Employers who use technology to drive their growth and development will already realise that an online solution provides a good return on investment.