A Bold, New Approach to Modern Workplace Wellness

WHY WE EXIST Our mission is to bring wellness to the workplace, helping you improve health and happiness right at your desk. .

Why Choose us

Because we care about your employees, we have been established for over 14 years and are one of the leading companies providing both corporate and event services that compliment the well being initiatives of our clients


Stress Reduction

Reduction in Absenteism

A healthier work environment

– online, anytime.

  • Wide variety accessible practices for any body type, physical condition or interest focus.
  • Sharing tools to facilitate company interaction.
  • Customisable reminders encourage participation.
  • Build comradery through challenges, leader boards and team participation awards.
  • Accessible on any device

Launch quickly & easily

- access anywhere.

  • Deploy in minutes
  • Launch & engagement tools
  • Complimentary employer co-branding
  • Customized reporting

Improve Focus & Performance

A regular short break can dramatically reduce daily stress.  Gives your employees the key to managing their own well being and mental health in one location. Employers who use technology to drive their growth and development will already realise that both offline and online solution provides a good return on investment.