9 Health Reasons to get a Massage at Work

Corporate massage is not something that every company invests in but, there are scientific studies and research that points clearly to one thing – massage has outstanding benefits for employee health and well-being!

So, if these benefits are so welcome and prevalent after someone has received a massage, why are more companies not investing in massage at work? And what are the benefits?

The health benefits

Here we have listed 9, but the power of massage on your physical and emotional well-being is several fold…

1.      Anxiety & depression

Two ‘silent illnesses’ that many people walk around with on a daily basis, with colleagues and peers not noticing in many cases, are depression and anxiety. Despite awareness raising campaigns by Government and mental health charities, there is still significant stigma attached to depression, stress and anxiety.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees to keep them safe, and many forward-thinking organisations also promote stress-free work and environments within the workplace. Massage is a great way of helping people to relax.

The stress hormone cortisol is significantly reduced and, as well as lifting emotional mood, it also lowers blood pressure. Serotonin is the chemical is short supply when someone feels the gloom of depression, with massage promoting the release of this chemical within the brain.

2.      Pain

Despite the best efforts in terms of ergonomically designed chairs and desks etc., many employees from sitting with poor posture can be full of aches and pains; pins and needles are also common in hands, shoulders etc. from sitting for too long in a position that is not good for joints and muscles. Massage can help alleviate these aches and pains!

3.      Sleep

Being able to fall into a fitful and soothing sleep is important; tossing and turning for hours on end can increase the levels of frustration meaning that when we do snatch 2 or 3 hours, we are not rested.

Massage in the work place can promote not only all-round emotional well-being, but also sleep, important for physical concentration too.

4.      Immunity

We need staff teams and the workforce to be well, both mentally and physically. Massage, as a cumulative effect of all of the above mentioned thus far, also help in boosting the body’s natural defence against illness – the immune system can be a fragile thing, thus maintaining its balance is important.

5.      Alertness

American studies suggest that a 15 minute ‘in the chair massage’ such as the one we do, makes someone more alert. The study, the first of which was conducted in 1996 by the Touch Research Institute, tested their findings by noting participants solved mathematical problems quicker after they received a massage.

6.      Headaches

Many people suffer from headaches which can be as a result of many life choices and working environments. From dehydrating due to the lack of fluid during the day, to excessive noise and stark, ‘strip’ lighting, people can also find headaches are common in times of stress.

A tense working environment can make for an uncomfortable place to work and even though massage may not ‘attack’ the root cause of tension and stress, a 15 minute massage can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on reducing the headache.

Studies suggest that for those people suffering prolonged headaches, 30 minutes is the optimum massage time.

7.      Increasing blood flow

Massage also encourages increased blood flow throughout the body and this means that the nasty toxins that are built up in our systems are shuttled along; the quicker and more effectively we dump these toxins, the better we will feel.

This increased blood flow also plumps the skin, making us look and feel better.


8.      Decrease absenteeism

Every company struggles at some point with staff shortages due to illness but, a regular programme of massage therapy at work, the instances of staff being off ill due to stress-related illness is significantly decreased – and there is research that backs this up!

9.      Just an all-round nice thing to do…

Companies and businesses are constantly looking for ways to build team rapport and create an atmosphere where people feel valued and valuable. Massage at work is just one of way of doing this, and what a great way of doing it!

Could massage at work be the right step forward for your work force?

Time and time again, it has been proven that companies who look after the emotional and physical well-being of their staff, reap the rewards of people who stay for a long time working for them, as well as having a significantly low absenteeism rate. Isn’t it time you took a look at massage at work for your team?


We thought we would put something together to visually to get across the points above – feel free to share it!