All our additional complementary therapies

In addition to the seated acupressure chair massage we also offer a wide range of other additional complementary therapies therapies adapted for the workplace:


Applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet (or the hands) helps relax the body and activate it’s natural healing power.  Its one of a number of additional therapies which employees love.


The aromatic massage helps re-balance the body, ease tight muscles and enhance well being its a great tonic.

Indian Head Massage

A revitalising massage therapy of the head, neck and shoulders. No clothing is removed and no oils are used.

Hand & Foot Massage

Relaxing arm and hand massages are ideal for staff who do a repetitive job or spend most of their day at a pc. Our soothing foot massages are very popular at exhibitions when people have been on their feet all day.


is a gentle form of exercise, which involves a variety of body postures and breathing techniques. It can help increase suppleness and vitality and help relieve stress.

All these additional complementary therapies are available upon request so please take advantage of this wonderful choice of additional therapies to tailor make your own benefits /reward package

PLUS we also offer sports massage, pilates, reiki, beauty treatments etc if you are looking for an even more extensive range of workplace therapies. Contact us now for further details.