Are you a Generous Employer?

With the cost of living rising twice as fast as salary increases many staff’s perception is that they are actually taking a pay cut. With this in mind a good way to boost morale and reward your staff is with a benefits package. But I wonder how many employees actually place a value on what they receive in your benefits programme?

How well do you market internally the benefits programme you run or facilitate through third parties? Frequent targeted communications are mandatory if you wish to get the message out to employees that you care. Avoid blanket emails, they may be quick and easy for you to send out but they soon become annoying and get filtered out or deleted. Segment your employee database according to needs and likes then talk to them about the things they are interested in and not everything you have.

Show them examples of the ‘The hidden value you have created’ the cost of what you provide for a typical employee in ££’s, in effect you have saved them this amount so don’t forget to remind them of this fact.