Are you one of the 59% of people who sit down all day?

An active workforce is happier; less stressed and takes fewer days of.

Being active doesn’t have to mean going for a long run. Simple exercises such as stretching and diverting eyes from a computer screen or shoulder and neck rotations at the desk can all help.

Research shows that the average person spends around 10 hours a day sitting down, 50% don’t even leave their desks at lunchtime. Never sit in the same position for more than 40 minutes, walk around or do some simple stretches

Hands and arms

Two simple exercises to get you started. The national back health charity, BackCare, recommends this fingers and thumbs exercise for office workers, to help prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI). Place an elastic band (with a reasonable amount of tautness, mind, not a really flimsy one) around the middle of all four fingers and the top of your thumb, all digits together. Now draw away your thumb, working against the resistance of the elastic band. Hold for a count of three and repeat five times. Swap hands.

The wrist and forearm stretch is great for anyone who uses a keyboard regularly. Hold your right arm straight out in front of you with your palm facing up. Use your left hand to pull your fingers back and down to the floor. Feel the stretch on the underside of your forearm and wrist. Now turn the arm palm down, and draw the fingers back towards the forearm, keeping them straight. Swap sides.

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