Back Into Action – reducing back pain. Back and posture workshops across the UK

Is staff absence from back pain costing you money? Good News

OnSite Plus has developed a workshop to help prevent back pain. Delivered by a chartered physiotherapist, we will show you how and why back pain develops and what you can do to help yourself. This informative and interactive workshop looks at ways to protect the back, from getting up in the morning to last thing at night. An ideal accompaniment to the workshops is our invigorating back massage which targets the upper and lower back. Given on our ergonomically designed chair, fully clothed it means you can experience firsthand the benefits of massage.

Why should you run a Back workshop?

Back pain is one of the biggest causes of long-term sickness absence in the UK. Because of our lifestyles, it is more widespread than ever before. The main causes of office related back pain are office seating and the sedentary nature of office work.

Where can you run a Back workshop?

We can provide you with access to our workshop whether at the office or offsite. Content can be tailored to suit your needs and time. We run 1 hour lunchtime sessions for up to 15 people or 2 hour sessions for up to 30 people.

Have our Physio do an assessment of your staff through an informal visit and watch & learn session before we run the workshop so we can tailor the content to fit the needs of your company. It helps to make the workshops relevant and allows for individuals to ask specific questions at an open surgery.

Call us or e mail to obtain a quote and include a massage therapist or another workshop and receive a