Dealing with back pain with massage

Back pain is something that affects us all at one time or another but, for some people, it can be an everyday ache or pain. Medication is not always the answer but massage proven to significantly ease and reduce back pain.

Lower back pain? Massage can help!

The most common reason behind an aching or painful back is soft tissue or muscular damage. Long hours sat behind a desk, poor posture, lack of exercise and so on all contribute to the weakened of back muscles.

The smallest of movements can injure the back, from bending and lifting to sporting injuries. Knowing how to deal with it can help in a speedy recovery and thus, massage for lower back pain is one option.

Massage to ease back pain

The spine, although robust, is an area of the body that if damaged or hurt can be difficult to heal, simply because it is in use all the time. However, the answer is not to immobilise it. Getting the balance between moving gently and over-doing it is a fine line.

Massage can relieve back pain, gently and effectively. With a light but firm touch, massage increases blood flow to the affected area helping damaged muscles to relax and heal. Low risk, this kind of treatment also has many additional benefits too;

  • As well as relieving pain, it can also help to relax the mind
  • Tension at both the affected spot on the back, as well as the body overall, is decreased
  • Pain is significantly decreased, with the production of endorphins helping to make us feel much better and able to deal with the problem in hand

Don’t suffer with back pain

Massage to relieve back pain can be given in short bursts, several times a week in the early stages of an injury to help combat pain. However, if symptoms persist always seek medical advice.