What are the benefits of event massage?

There are many different events held across the UK by companies and businesses. These conferences and exhibitions all have one common aim in mind – to create a platform to show the very best of the company to potential customers.

You may sell exhibition space to other companies and exhibitors, but you want to make a statement, a ‘splash’ that really highlights the versatility and forward thinking nature of your company, You invite the best to show them how well you conduct your business and you need a welcome package.

Many companies opt for welcome drinks but what about adding another twist to this with event massage?

What is event massage?

It follows the same lines as that conducted in office complexes and businesses across the country. The massage can be:

• Chair massage – a special chair in which the recipients sits so that the back, neck and shoulders can be massaged. This is all done fully clothed, with the effects being felt instantly
• Aromatherapy – another great way to induce a relaxed mood in people!
• Reflexology hand and arm massage – a skill that has been prevalent for generations across all societies and cultures, with the effects being immediate and long lasting.
• Indian head massage – an incredible way to allow the stresses and staring of everyday life simply drain away; a powerful massage that achieves deep relaxation
• Foot massage – a great way to relieve tension in the feet.

A sponsored service
To attract delegates to stands and spaces at events, many companies sponsor the services of a ‘mobile’ massage company. This sponsored section allows people to talk to the company representatives as they wait for their massage. Some companies also suggest a donation to a local charity.

But why massage?
Massage is known to have many benefits and, in an exhibition situation, these benefits can prove very useful indeed…

• It is a crowd pleaser – a massage at a desk or a chair massage is not something that many people will have partaken in prior to this. Massage at an event can draw the crowds over to your space and this creates a buzz around your company. People will come over and have a look to see what is happening and, with your staff working your stand, you will be able to make contact with a large portion of these people.

• You will be remembered – and for all the right reasons! As part of an event strategy or exhibition, even massage is a great way of standing out from the crowd with many delegates remembering your company. They will be talking about how great their massage was for weeks after…

• Sets the tone and the mood for business – events, exhibitions, conferences, you name it can be high stress events. People can feel uptight, tense, tired and unsure about the whole thing. A massage is a way of dissipating this tension within the body, making people feel more relaxed and this is the exact mood you want people to be in order to clinch the deal!

Isn’t it just for sports events?

No, massage can be used at any event although pre and post sports event massage is a common sight at many sporting events across the UK.

Again, this is because within the athletic world, the value of massage before and after has long been valued and established. But, integrating massage within the workplace is slowly becoming to fruition, with larger companies realising that investing in the health and wellbeing of staff is essential – and massage is just one way of doing it.

Why use massage in a non-sport setting and when it may have nothing to do with your business?

Some ‘experts’ suggest that using massage at an event when it is not directly linked to your company or business is a big PR stunt. You may also think this but, in today’s competitive market place you need to stand out.

And one way of standing out is by showing how forward thinking and modern your company is. Looking after employees is essential; and when companies do invest in the well-being of their employees they have a more stable workforce, they have higher productivity and they also have high revenue.

Overall, you look a more attractive proposition to do business with. You can offer a stability that maybe other companies can only dream of! The power of massage, and the health benefits are enormous so why not offer delegates and potential clients something different?

Massage can be that ‘something different’ and it to hire the services of an office massage company for the day (or a run of days) will not bust your event budget either… attract the crowds and make the contacts you need with event massage.