How Much Exercise Do Older Adults Need to Ward Off Heart Disease?

article about health and well being by Danielle Zickl ‘As we age, it can become harder and harder to make exercise a priority. With full time jobs, family responsibilities, and busy social lives, working out regularly can take a back … Continue reading »

Is your lower back pain comning from tight gluts and overstretched ham strings?

Some good advice and exercises to relieve tight hamstrings by strengthening your gluts. If the #1 condition people complain about is the neck and shoulders, then the # 2 is the lower back. I keep saying that sitting is a primary … Continue reading »

Diets don’t work

36 Diet Diets don’t work – Hidden sugars in processed foods can be working against you. Once the weights been lost it can be hard to maintain unless your extremely strict and focussed.  Many diets recommend off the shelf products … Continue reading »

Let Go of Negative Thoughts

The red car story I was recently reminded of what I refer to as ‘the red car story’.  In his book ‘Thunk’, Sandy Newbigging perfectly describes how our minds can be overrun with unnecessary thoughts by using the analogy of … Continue reading »

Pedal Power

Massage and cycling are two subjects I feel passionate about. I’m a complementary therapist by profession, specialising in Massage. I’ve been practicing for nearly 13 years, having recently targeted more sport-specific target groups, such as cyclists. I have a keen … Continue reading »

Proven ways of dealing with stress in the workplace

Happy Stick Men

Stress is not always a bad thing but, when it is out of control, blighting everyday life, you need to take action. Simple enough, you may think, but when it comes down to it, stress can be so inhibiting to … Continue reading »

What to avoid when hiring someone for corporate massage

One of the most valuable assets of any business are the people. They have the skills and the abilities to complete tasks quickly and to a high standard, maintain the success of a company. It makes sense, therefore, to invest … Continue reading »

The REAL benefits of chair massage…at work!

women receiving a chair massage

The healing power of massage and touch has long been known. A staple of healthcare in ancient cultures across the globe, modern medicine, has created a reliance of chemical intervention. However, the healing power of massage is still as strong … Continue reading »

7 Corporate Massage Problems – and Solutions!

There are all kinds of activities and tasks that a company can offer its staff to have a workforce that is relaxed, focused and productive. Corporate massage is one of those activities that can be offered but, there can be … Continue reading »

Prevent Monday blues with Monday massage

The Monday blues are all too common. Many people start to feel the impending doom on a Sunday evening of having to return to work; in most cases, people are being light-hearted and tongue in cheek but, there are some … Continue reading »