Bad Bosses Bad for Business

..and more importantly your own health and wellbeing in at out of the workplace Hands up who has had a bad boss? Recent research from Sweden evidenced that employees who rated their managers poorly had a greater risk of developing cardio vascular … Continue reading »

5 Key Questions to ask when booking an Office Massage

More and more businesses realise that to thrive and grow in a tough market, they need highly skilled and committed staff. But, when stress strikes it can rob a business of its cutting edge. Companies are therefore taking new and … Continue reading »

Why businesses are now considering office massages as a company ‘must-have’

Workplace well-being is a very real need that more and more companies realise they must invest in. Looking after employees is not just about physical well-being, keeping them free from hazards and workplace dangers, but maintaining their mental health too. … Continue reading »

Workplace stress: are you heading for burnout?

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Stress is not always a negative thing. It is everywhere. It is the thing that can propel us on to better things, forcing us to make changes so that life, work and so on, is better and more pleasant. But … Continue reading »

Who copes better with stress? Men Vs. Women

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Stress is part of everyday life. It can be a positive thing, fuelling us on to reach bigger and better things. But, stress is balanced on a knife edge, it can soon tip from positive to negative, straining every fibre … Continue reading »

Creating wellness in the workplace

The workplace is naturally a hive of activity and productivity. When the pace is frantic, the deadlines tight, the possibility of forgetting the wellbeing of employees and colleagues is all too real. There are good intentions, ‘when the next deadline … Continue reading »

How to de-stress AT work!

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  work can be, without a doubt, incredibly stressful. Some aspects can be short term distress, linked to a looming deadline, short term staff shortages and the like. Even though they can heighted the stress, people also understand that they … Continue reading »

Why do we make the decisions we do?

I recently attended a brilliant seminar on Performing for success given by Charlie Unwin a consultant for Lane4.  It prompted me to look at their website and read their blog page.  I found this article of which a snippet is … Continue reading »

Creating harmony at work

  Work is an important activity in everyone’s lives; from paying the rent or mortgage, to self-esteem and providing a sense of purpose in life, creating the right work environment is key. But, harmony is not always in balance within … Continue reading »

The benefits of facial massage

The face is subject to everything that we do in our everyday lives; from the harsh effects of weather, to the chemicals that we unknowingly encounter every day, the pollution and so on. It also portrays everything about our inner … Continue reading »