A Brief History of Chair Massage

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Chair Massage is increasingly turning out to be the most used type of skilled touch for the modern-day bodywork environment. In areas, such as supermarkets, air-ports, conference centres, dentist’s surgeries, corporate and business board rooms, grocery stores, street corners, and hospital wards. Anyone can come across practitioners providing experienced massage for the good number of untouched people.


Just how has this kind of bodywork, which was practically uncommon prior to 1986, able to get the attention of the increasing segment of the human population and, lately, started to influence the many European countries, including the UK. Chair massage is now a modern day massage treatment.


Hundreds of years old Japanese block designs demonstrate individuals, who come out from the bathroom, and receive massage as they sit on a low stool. In fact, several methods of Japanese table or even floor massage, were typically performed while the client sits up, instead of lying down. It was assumed that, provided people are massaging other person’s pains and aches away, many of the massaging continues to be performed as the receiver is at an up-right sitting position.


Similarly, in this millennium, working on sitting clients has long been an option, as observed in several distinct contexts. For instance, sitting down alternative method is particularly incorporated into a number of bodywork techniques. In addition to using the latest awareness of Chair Massage, everyone is starting to find out from massage therapists about how exactly they make use of seated massage in their standard massage techniques.


Late in the 1970s, and at the beginning of 1980s there were clearly some practitioners who had begun to feel that massaging clients who are in a seated position may very well be something more than simply an occasional tool in the table of a practitioner’s toolkit.


The beginning of modern-day Chair Massage

David Palmer has been acknowledged as the father and founder of modern Chair Massage, although people have noticed that massaging clients who are seated has existed for many years. He was among the first to understand that Chair Massage could possibly turn into an important part of the bodywork professions. However, he’s often believed his greatest contribution has been to deliberately direct the focus on Chair Massage in a manner that outlined its distinctive functions. His work continues to be about training body-workers, massage therapy educational institutions, the media, legislators, and everyone regarding the importance of Chair Massage.


His involvement in Chair Massage started in 1982, as he became the Director of one of the Japanese traditional massage institute. His instructor had decided to go back to Japan permanently and had selected him as his successor. With his new position as an instructor of skilled massage professionals, he  instantly noticed just how few body-workers were basically generating an income as they carry out their work.


He could not understand it. He knew massage had improved his life. Massage had a tremendous effect on the life of each body-worker that he knew. He could not understand the reason why the interest in skilled massage was rising very slowly, that professionals appeared to be dealing with the same few percentage of the people who valued the advantages of skilled touch. His concern was: What was the purpose in teaching skilled massage experts when there will be no clients who they can massage?


Generally it appeared the bodywork practitioners sensed in some ways, that the issue wasn’t with skilled massage, but instead with the possible lack of awareness on the part of the general public. The majority of people were too uptight or even spontaneous to understand what massage therapy service is to offer.


In other words, when viewed from a marketing point of view, most people obviously didn’t see massage to be convenient, hassle-free, safe or cost-effective.


Typically, David Palmer has observed that, if you wish to ensure that professional massage would not grow to be generally recognised in Western culture, this is how you should design it: pressure clients to go in a private area behind closed doors, then remove all their garments, lay down on the table, allow a total stranger to apply oil everywhere over the body, after which you charge them some cash for that benefit.



With this technique, you possibly can tell that massage therapy would not make it to be a well-known therapeutic treatment.


What he then decided to build was an effective massage service package that will eliminate any physical contact with any person, will be affordable, and will readily be available to prospective clients.


When he explained the technique using this viewpoint it was clear that, for it to be effective: first, make it possible for individuals to keep their clothing on, which in turn means that you would not work with oil and would not need a private room. Next, place the client in a very convenient chair to ensure the massage could be carried out at any place. And finally, lessen the duration of the massage so that you could possibly charge a lesser amount of money, ensuring it is very affordable.


With this, David Palmer started educating his graduates on this fresh delivery approach for massage therapy services in the later part of 1982 and soon after, in 1983, started the business of offering his very first Chair Massage expertise. His main market for Chair Massage seemed to be the work environment with a supplementary focus on exhibitions and trade events.


The critical year for Chair Massage introduction

In 1986, Palmer launched Chair Massage service into the public. Since 1986 the progress of Chair Massage continues to be steady and remarkable. Soon he was convinced that many people are going to be offering and also receiving Chair Massage compared to some other kinds of bodywork.


It is not because Chair Massage is any better when compared to any other model of bodywork, nevertheless, it is for the reason that Chair Massage is greatly more readily available than any massage delivery system for skilled professionals. Its value and ease of use alone make Chair Massage the winner, without a doubt.