Corporate wellness

Stress and Employee Wellbeing

The Stress Management society says study after study show that prolonged severe stress has a negative impact on our health. 1 in 5 people say the find their work either very or extremely stressful Work is certainly one of the key places many of us feel stressed. That stress can come from having a workload…

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Step away from the keyboard!

OnSite Plus, corporate wellness  – looking after wrists and hands Working at a keyboard all day can be very bad for you because it is so easy to get so involved in your work that you don’t notice soreness and stiffness until it is too late. One of the best things you can do –…

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Are you happy at work? Bring Back The Tea Trolley!!

When I hear people say I’m not happy it makes me sad because I then start to think about how I can make them happy especially when it’s good friends or family. But where does it say that people should be happy all the time? Surely you need to high and lows of life to…

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