Corporate Massage Manchester

Why opt for office massage in Manchester?

The office can be a stressful and busy place. Results driven and goal orientated, employees can become stressed, resulting in illness and days of lost productivity. Employers are realising the benefits of looking after their employees, both in terms of physical health and well-being.

Offering comprehensive benefits packages is on the agenda of every forward-thinking business, with corporate massage at Manchester businesses becoming increasingly popular.

The benefits of corporate massage in Manchester

It has long been a known as proven fact that the power of massage has the ability to kick-start well-being. Lowering levels of stress hormones, whilst boosting the hormones that relax and soothe the mind and body, massage is perfect in any format or style.

Many people are already aware of the benefits massage can bring but not many people realise that it can be used in the office too.

Opt for chair massage

Chair massage at your Manchester business is the ideal way for employees to be able to benefit from massage, without the need to take time off. This is because thus style of massage is given to the client sitting in a specially adapted chair, and over the top of clothing.

The benefits are similar to other types of massage;

  • Blood flow is increased making the muscles more relaxed in the head, neck and shoulder
  • The instances of headaches can be dramatically reduced
  • Employees will be more relaxed, yet productivity will increase
  • Massage can help with focus and clarity of thinking

Offer massage at your Manchester business

Chair massage at your Manchester business will benefit you and your employees and at a cost-effective price too. Focusing on the back, shoulder and neck area, employees will enjoy the experience, and so will your business.