Deployment of technology to deliver health and wellbeing to people

Massage at your Desk

The last year has seen a rapid development and deployment of technology to deliver health and wellbeing to people in companies and privately. I myself have signed up for several apps and websites to try and keep on top of my mental and physical well being in this almost entirely new digital landscape.

The Washington Post recently reported:
‘With more companies recognizing that everyone wins when employees are healthy, many are turning to technology to help their workforce stay physically fit and emotionally centred. Hear about the new digital tools that are helping people achieve wellness at work and the changes on the horizon for all organizations that prioritize wellness in the coming year.’

My personal experience is that motivation and setting yourself goals has made all the difference. Keeping to a routine, no matter how small. Then rewarding yourself for sticking to it (glass of wine maybe)? The key to online success and satisfaction is set realistic goals and keep to them.

Online classes help to give structure and an incentive to attend as it helps to be recognised as a participant and have a call out. Once you get use to the screen and mute button. Don’t forget to shut the door so the pets can’t get in and cause chaos not to mention disrupting that nice virtual backdrop you have on.

But I do miss that touch and interaction with people, and I think that is difficult to quantify. Human beings are social by nature and many studies have pointed to the correlation of touch and wellbeing, when our friend or loved one is sharing something upsetting or emotional, the urge to reach through the computer and hug in order to comfort them is strong.

For me, I will strike a balance the two. Keep some online classes but also look for small classes in safe settings to meet up, exercise and chat.

Stay Safe Stay Well

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