Creating wellness in the workplace

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The workplace is naturally a hive of activity and productivity. When the pace is frantic, the deadlines tight, the possibility of forgetting the wellbeing of employees and colleagues is all too real.

There are good intentions, ‘when the next deadline is passed, we will do something nice’ and so on. Invariably, once one pressure point has dissipated, another will loom large in its place.

Thus, the promotion and maintenance of wellness in the workplace is not a one-off affair but rather, should be seen an ongoing activity, alongside all the other tasks that go on at work on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It should be as ingrained in the workplace psyche as taking a break, or taking a holiday should be.

And thus, many companies have explored various options – including workplace massage – and thus you too can use corporate massage to cultivate wellness in the workplace.

The benefits of promotion wellness at work

The individual is, in most cases, responsible for their physical and mental health, every hour of the day. The choices we make (and don’t make) regarding our health are important, and individual. What suits one person, will not suit another.

We spend the majority of any week at work and thus, taking charge of your health during these hours is important but, as an employer, you have an important role to play too. And that is recognising and promoting good wellness habits.

Taking regular breaks, having refreshments on hand (water, not juice tea and coffee), ensure that all staff take their allocated annual holiday entitlement, have a forum to speak up when things are not happening right, or praising them when they do…

The list could go on. By promotion wellness in the workplace, you are promoting your employees and colleagues. You are telling them not just how important it is for you, but for them too. Looking after yourself in work contributes to improved motivation, productivity and so on. Everyone is in a win-win situation.

Helping wellness in the workplace

Wellness is all about environment and thus, spending time creating an environment and worth ethic that is healthy and maintainable is important. There are many activities that employers and employees can contribute to;

  • Corporate massage

An increasingly popular option as the advantages become ever plainer and more obvious. Follow the lead of some forward thinking companies by investing in regular corporate massage ‘days’. Don’t assume it’s all candles and ‘smelly oils’! Head, neck and shoulder massage – perfect for those worked slumped over desks and computers – reinvigorate the muscles, improve the blood flow and promote an inner calm that only the power of touch can give.

Given over the top of clothes, the 15 to 20 minute massage is a great way of providing wellness within a workplace.

  • Move!

When the deadline is looming fast, we become entrenched with the job in hand. We know that if we put the hours in know, the client will be happy, there will more work and so on but, before you know it, you have been stationary at your desk for hours.

Take a physical break, getting up moving around to promote an increase in blood flow.

  • Help your focus

Focusing intently on a piece of work is often needed but, we can become dazed within this level of concentration. It is not something that anyone can keep up for overly long periods of time. Step away every now and then, both physically and in terms of concentration; the plus side is that you will be producing higher quality work and, contrary to popular belief, quicker too.

  • Breathing

When the chips are down and tension is fizzing between you and colleagues, take time to listen to your breathing. As we become excited by tension and heated discussion, our blood pressure increases and in many cases, we produce adrenalin. Uncontrolled rushes of this chemical within the body can lead to the fight or flight syndrome.

Our insides can feel like a whirl of tension and to slow this unpleasant sensation, focus on your breathing. Slow it down, and get it back in to a rhythm. Now deal with the issue at hand – you will have a completely different perspective on how to handle the situation.

  • Boost mental energy

Sometimes, work is not just draining us physically but emotionally too. When you feel your grasp on the deadline or activity slipping, spend 3 magic minutes listening to your breathing; with every exhale, allow the tension to be released, the emotional knots in the mind to unfurl.