What is Desk Yoga?

Desk yoga is an adapted form of yoga that enables participants to practice in a chair, making it ideal for the workplace. If your employees ahve been working from home theyve probably been seated on a sofa, bed, kitchen table etc   Desk Yoga is perfect for those individuals that need to be reminded to strecth and move.  Helping to avoid sore necks, stiff backs and wrist pain.

These gentle and fun classes range in duration from 15 – 45 minutes and include breathing exercises, asanas (yoga postures and movements), self-massage, relaxation techniques and meditation. 

The classes are suitable for everyone* and no yoga experience is necessary

*Prior to the class a brief health consultation is completed and the class is designed accordingly.


Benefits of Yoga for your staff

  • Reduces fatgue
  • Reduces common strain injuries in wrists, necks and back
  • Helps improve awareness of posture to avoid slumping at the desk
  • Improves concentration and helps to stay focused during the day
  • Reduces stress with a focus on the body and mind

All classes can be delivered via Zoom or on your own internal communication system

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