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Desk Yogi gives your employees the key to managing their own well being and mental health in one location

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Employers who use technology to drive their growth and development will already realise that an online solution provides a good return on investment

We have introduced Desk Yogi to the UK as we are aware that many people are now working in a way they hadn't predicted and for some, this can present unique challenges.  As an employer, you have a duty to monitor the health of your workforce.  If a member of your team is feeling isolated or anxious you need to have tools immediately in place to help them.

Our videos look to address the mental health and physical well being and to help employees choose their own set of challenges and targets to work to.

Benefits of Desk Yogi
  • Desk Yogi is a digital on-demand product to make it easier and simpler for people to do this type of wellness activities while they work
  • Rather than surfing YouTube and wasting precious time, the employee can have a targeted and efficient program that fits easily into their schedule in approximate 5 minute time intervals.
  • This makes it less intrusive to the work schedule but also improves productivity


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