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Neck pain

Your workspace is the foundation to develop healthy working habits that can aid physical and mental well being    When so many of us are now working from home, it's easy to slip into those old habits while working on the sofa or sitting at the table but those habits could be the cause of your neck pain, back pain, headache etc.

We also tend to move less than when we are office-based, forgetting to get up and walk to that next meeting or take the stairs instead of the lift.  Our bodies weren't designed to be sedentary for long periods, so it bites back at us.

We are able to offer advice on how to set up your own workplaces safely and simply.  Through the webinar healthy habits while working from Home.

The challenge for me was designing the webinar so we could share information on why it's important to sit up straight but also realising that's not practical for most people to do for long periods. Let's face it we all slump over the desk eventually.

Working with my colleague, Zoe, who's a trained physio and pilates instructor we've come up with some simple tips to adapt the workspace at home to help correct some of those bad habits that lead to posture imbalance. To make it fun we decided to add in some stretches and movement exercises.

Zoe, takes you through a series of movements which we call deskilates to help stretch out those muscles that have become shortened or extended during the day.  And I talk to you about that forgotten all-important muscles our eyes

The health and safety executive (HSE) recommends a 20-second movement break every 30 minutes of sitting.  Check out their site at



Hip stretch

I loved doing these webinars and I'm now thinking maybe we should do more and break them down into shorter formats.  Feedback has been so good and I think its really helping relieve stress and muscular-skeletal pain.

If you think its something of interest to you keep an eye on our website for more information or get in touch via our contact form as we're always looking for suggestions on topics and content.


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