Employee engagement: a cause for concern to UK businesses

I saw this item on a LinkedIn discussion forum and thought how is it people who still have a job do not feel grateful to their boss. Quite simply we don’t feel gratitude instead we feel that we survived that round of cuts. This Survivor syndrome has 4 clearly defined stages

  1. Thank God it’s not me
  2. Guilt – should I have lost my job?
  3. Envy – that’s a large pay out maybe I should have gone
  4. Resentment – Why do I have to do all this extra work with no thanks?

Providing survivors with as much attention and support as those leaving will go some way to mitigate their feelings and avoid negativity. Disengaged employees in the UK would take an average of 3.5 more days off than engaged employees, amounting to a £385 extra costs for UK business, according to the figures of the latest report on Absence conducted by PwC.

If you wish to look at an interesting article which further explains the concepts of survivor syndrome at work then go to an article by Robin Wood, managing director, Career Management Consultants