The 5 Minute Wellness Solutions

At your fingertips whenever you need it online fitness, meditation, nutrition and well being - you choose the topics, duration and the challenge level

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The Desk Yogi Service

Improve the physical, mental and spiritual state of every employee with our short form video breaks designed to easily fit into the workday. Fitness, meditation, stretching, nutrition, and learning & development - right where you work be that at home or in the office in 5 minutes or less.

Our videos look to address the mental health and physical well being and to help employees choose their own set of challenges and targets to work to.

Key Issues

How Can Desk Yogi Help HR Teams?

Icon - Keeping Staff Motivated
Keeping Staff Motivated

Desk Yogi creates a positive culture with individual or team elements to make it fun.

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Desk Yogi is global and available anywhere in the world consistent content available 24/7 on any device.

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Desk yogi is flexible to suit your needs with tailored surveys and management reporting on key topics.

OnSite Plus offers a wellness experience

through short 5 minute videos, online.

Case Studies

Check out our case studies below and see how easy it is

to embed into your health & wellbeing initiatives.

A focus on wellness drives increased employee engagement

How taking a short break can increase workforce engagement and improve morale.

SCENARIO: A financial company with multiple locations and a distributed workforce was suffering from low morale and a feeling of being disconnected. The company had implemented several wellness initiatives that had been helpful to some of the employees but several programs were not available in every location or could not be used by remote employees.

Personalised employee wellbeing delivers significant savings

Innovative solution embraced by high-risk employees as first-step to improve health

SCENARIO: A large insurance company had implemented several wellbeing initiatives with relatively low adoption. Especially troubling was the fact that they had been unsuccessful in engaging their high-risk employee population. The company wanted a wellness program that would benefit every employee, regardless of their experience or level of fitness.

A bold, new approach to wellness lowers absenteeism

Innovative solution lowers stress and absenteeism

SCENARIO: A large technology company with multiple call centers was suffering from high absenteeism due mostly to stress. While the company had implemented several wellness initiatives in recent years, the call center employees were rarely able to participate due to their role requiring them to be at their desk and ready to assist customers with calls.

Caring for staff well-being

Studies have shown that for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.

At the start of 2020, Deloitte2 released findings to reveal that poor mental wellbeing was costing UK businesses up to £45 billion each year. Further studies have shown that approximately 48% of employers ask their team to speak to their line managers or colleagues for support, yet only 14% of employees feel happy to confide in their boss, whilst only 16% would comfortably turn to a colleague.

The onus is very much put on employees to seek help, which means that employers have a space in which to be much more proactive moving forward. With employees clearly feeling that they can’t be entirely truthful about sick days, the potential for misunderstanding and mismanagement of mental wellbeing is very real.

Desk Yogi addresses this problem head on with its survey at the start of an employees journey, Desk yogi will suggest a programme based on those answers and regularly check in and update those preferences.

Desk Yogi Benefits

Working with our respected partners ‘Desk Yogi’, we provide a wide selection of short Video exercises for the mind and body to optimise your staff’s health and wellbeing. Desk Yogi gives your employees the key to managing their own well being and mental health in one location.


Stress Reduction

Based on Employee Survey


Reduction in Absenteism

Based on Data

The Five Minute

Wellness Solution

Desk Yogi helps your employees avoid burnout and feel great with short videos on fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition and ergonomics, designed for use at work, whenever they need a quick break. Wherever their desk may be, in the office or at home., by incorporating Desk Yogi as part of your employee benefits you will help reduce employee stress levels, which in turn will make for a more cooperative & relaxed work space.

A healthier work environment

– online, anytime.

  • Wide variety of short, accessible practices for any body type, physical condition or interest focus.
  • Sharing tools to facilitate company interaction.
  • Customizable reminders encourage participation.
  • Build comradery through challenges, leader boards and team participation awards.
  • Accessible on any device

Launch quickly & easily

- access anywhere.

  • Deploy in minutes
  • Launch & engagement tools built-in
  • Complimentary employer co-branding
  • Customized dashboard & reporting
  • SSO & HRIS integration supported

What Desk Yogi is Not

  • It’s not Yoga,
  • It’s not at a desk.
  • It’s not expensive.
  • It’s not an app.
  • It’s not only available during work hours.

What Desk Yogi is

  • Works for everyone
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Available anytime
  • Easy to set up and run
  • Value for money

If you want to try first get in touch here today.