Get staff back into work on a Monday with a buzz – office massage on a Monday

WWellbeing at home or work

Why not offer staff the opportunity to sample the benefits of a massage at work on a Monday and encourage them to come into work with a bit of a buzz and excitement. Companies we work with have often told us that by scheduling their office massage service on a Monday they feel staff come into work feeling excited and energised in anticipation that there is something beneficial waiting for them.

We know massage helps to relieve stress and tension and that’s a good way to start the week but who would have thought that massage could improve staff attendance and satisfaction.

Feedback from companies’ employees shows us that it does have a positive effect on moral and that’s got to be good for business. People starting the week on a high will encourage others to try harder and improve productivity.

Office Massage has got positive business benefits as well if you want to attract the best employees and a pre-massage stretchcrucially keep them working for you and not your competition. There is hard evidence to suggest that a happy workforce is a creative and productive workforce. Research has shown that work related stress is the second most common health problem in Europe’s workplaces – after musculoskeletal disorders. In the UK, stress, depression, and anxiety accounted for more than 15 million sick days last year, the highest in five years. 50–60% of all lost working days can be attributed to work-related stress, which averages to 27 days off work for every employee suffering from stress. The BBC reports that sick leave is costing the UK economy an annual total of £14 billion.

Improving staff retention is an excellent reason to offer massage at work, especially when you consider that over half of Britain’s employees are unhappy at work, with over a third of them seriously considering leaving their jobs. The research shows that age and position are both a factor, as 40% of those in the age group 25 – 34 and 36% of those aged 35 – 45 are thinking about quitting. Additionally, 41% of managers are seriously considering a move, including 53% of senior managers, compared to 33% of non-managers.

Office Massage on a Monday, test the concept today and see the benefits your staff will feel re-energized and revitalized at the start of the week.