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A company dedicated to delivering quality regardless of location or channel, in person or through our partners, Desk Yogi, effective 5-minute audio/videos introducing wellness practices to the workplace.  Wherever that desk may be, in the office or at home.  By Incorporating Desk Yogi as part of your employee benefits you will help reduce employee stress levels, which in turn will make for a more cooperative & relaxed work space.

Benefits of Desk Yogi

Improve the physical, mental and spiritual state of every employee with our short form video breaks designed to easily fit into the workday. Fitness, meditation, stretching, nutrition, and learning & development - right where you work be that at home or in the office in 5 minutes or less.

Benefits of Chair Massage

We all expect to live longer and be at work longer, taking care of our bodies is essential; one of the benefits of massage is it helps us to stay fit and healthy. Research continues to show the enormous benefits of massage in alleviating the tensions of modern day living.

Portable chair massage has become a phenomenon in the workplace. Well-known benefits of chair massage in the workplace include stress-reduction, increased employee morale and fewer days missed due to injury and stress 


Our corporate massage service allows your organisation complete peace of mind. For details please see below;

chair massage

Corporate chair massage

We all expect to live longer and be at work longer, so taking care of our bodies is essential if we are going to stay fit and healthy. An onsite chair massage is one step closer to achieving this.

Corporate wellness, good posture

Massage at your Desk

Massage at your desk is one of our most popular services,  where our therapists will come to your staff and offer a 10 minute massage  as they floor walk your chosen areas, departments and provide a reenergising 10 minute head, neck and shoulder massage to staff while they remain seated at their desk.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Office health wellbeing

Whether a half day de-stress session, a full day corporate event, or regular in office massage, we like to keep things simple and enjoyable for you and your employees. 

chair massage

Online Videos

Tips for Good Posture at your desk

Girls at Event massage two days G Mex Manchester

Event Massage

Why not draw the biggest crowd at your next exhibition with our exhibition massage, be the talking point and the one company your competitors and clients notice when you include EVENT MASSAGE!

We offer a wide range of therapies that can be used at any event. 

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