How to de-stress AT work!

stress & relax

stress & relax


work can be, without a doubt, incredibly stressful. Some aspects can be short term distress, linked to a looming deadline, short term staff shortages and the like. Even though they can heighted the stress, people also understand that they will be coming to an end.

However, there are other occasions when stress levels seem to be permanently high; pressure to perform, motivate and inspire can just be continually racked up, leaving people feeling exhausted, depressed and stressed.

When this happens, solutions need to be found and fortunately there are many, from rescheduling workloads to the possibility of creating a more harmonious space, through the use office massage to de stress at work.

Hints and tips to lighten the mental load of stress at work

There are many things that can be done as a way of alleviating stress in the short term however, as a side note, it must be pointed out that a stressful situation that is ongoing, alleviation needs to be harder-hitting and far more tangible. Discovering the root cause of unpleasant stress and tension is key.

However, when things are tough they need to be acknowledge and, as far as possible, steps taken to make people aware that work can be stressful – and that as an employer, you take the effects of stress seriously.

  • Office massage

There are many companies that offer neck and should massage to employees of companies. Some businesses pay for this, whilst other subsidise it. But, before you think it’s all candles and incense, think again! An effective, 15 to 20 minute massage is possible with the use of a specially adapted chair (supplied by the company on the day), and is given by a trained masseuse over work clothes.

Increased circulation, as well as a decrease in stress inducing hormones and chemicals within the body, make for a more relaxed, happier workforce.

  • The 2-minute vacation

Stress plays on the mind, filling it with negative thoughts and aspects. This can make for a fertile imagination but it can leave us feeling like the mind is constantly spinning. This vortex of thought needs to be slowed and one way of doing this, is to make space for good thoughts and feelings. And the 2 minute vacation is perfect…

Think about your best holiday experience or a place you would like to visit. Imagine the warmth, and a golden glow of positivity seeping through your body… how did being there make your feel?

  • Use technology

Sometimes, technology contributes to stress. The constantly ping of emails and texts on your smart phone, for example. However, you can also harness this power to distress too with some distress apps. There are some amazing distress apps that can help slow the whirl of the mind, some are free and others are paid for. Check them out before you download them.

  • Essential oils and other non-prescription remedies

The sense of touch is incredibly soothing – hence the popularity of massage – but another sense helps stress is smell. Having essential oils (nothing too pungent) in your work desk that can be wafted around at certain high stress times, can be a perfect way to relax the mind.

  • Handwritten to-do lists

This may sound boringly mundane. After all, how on earth can writing a list help with stress?

Stress is an emotional response to having too much to do, and not enough time to do it in. It is the feeling of a never ending treadmill, of slogging with no real reward.

Lists are a way of getting the mind to hone its thinking, focusing on key aspects. Once you have your list, prioritise it. You don’t just have make a to-do list for work; write a shopping list for your groceries, or jobs that need doing in the garden and so on.

Ordering thoughts and then ticking off tasks is a great way of stopping the ‘slogging away with no end in sight’ feeling. Some people find the optimum time to spend 5 minutes doing this is Thursday pm, making a list for downtime at the weekend. It is a great measuring tool too, for how much can be and has been achieved.

  • Snack on an orange

As odd as this may sound, an influx of vitamin C can be the short boost the system needs to re-boot itself, for a short period anyway. Oranges are crammed with vitamin C but, if you are not keen on the mess of peeling the fruit, opt for some orange juice in a carton. It may work!

In summary

Stress is apparent in every job, every role and every person, with levels fluctuating from one day to another. When levels are high, they can prevent us functioning and being productive so, take a few moments to slow your spinning mind.