Reduce headaches with Indian head massage

Originating in India, this type of head massage is used weekly, sometimes daily, as a means of restoring well-being. It is also used as a means of bonding within the family, and there can be no doubting the power of touch.

The well-being created through the scalp and neck being massage is delightful, and beneficial to our overall health in many ways.

Headaches as a sign of stress

Headaches are something that many people suffer from, sometimes on a daily basis. Triggered by all kinds of factors, it is a common reaction that is sending a clear message. For many people, headaches are triggered by high levels of stress but, listening to the body and acting accordingly is not something we are good at doing…

How Indian head massage can help

There are many benefits to this type of massage;

  • Instant release of stress, anxiety and mental tension
  • Clears the mind and promotes clarity of thought
  • Improves blood circulation to the head and neck
  • Increased blood flow can encourage hair growth
  • Improves muscle tone in head, neck and shoulders

More than just a head rub

Indian head massage is more than just a head rub. Western style head massage take many key elements of this type of massage, and adapts it to include the neck and shoulders. Performed when you are fully clothed, many people feel that this type of massage is simply perfect for them. There are no oils to wash off, and it is safe and pleasurable any time of the day, at home, at work or at another venue.

Popular as part of corporate massage too, this type of scalp massage can be given in situ, at the desk as well as in other comfortable areas. The effects are immediate too, instantly helping the body to be free of negative stress and emotion, relaxing the mind, body and soul.