Inspiring, inside and out

Over the weekend I had a problem with my computer and without thinking I started to pace the room. This behaviour made me think of something I had read which suggested people think better when they move. When you have to make a difficult phone call do you stand up?

Studies abound that suggest movement stimulates the brain so that it not only makes learning easier, but it makes the knowledge more permanent. The more parts of the brain that are firing at once, the more likely things/knowledge is to stick. So why is it we invariably sit people behind desks or in meeting rooms when maybe something more dynamic is called for. Royal Mail seem to have stumbled onto this idea some time ago and provide a creative space for teams and external companies to use when problem solving called ‘The Innovation lab’, a wacky out there environment to encourage people to think out of the box. Take a look at their space if your interested in seeing how it might open your teams minds.