Life is a balancing act and so is keeping upright

It seems life is a balancing act, balance the books, work life balance, and balance the kids and home.

Our bodies are always looking for balance and correct alignment but in life that just keeps being tested and the forces work to keep pushing us out of balance in the most simplest of ways. Our bodies are constantly straining to pull us back into alignment after we’ve been carrying shopping moving parcels or just leaning into our computer screen.

The Skelton is an amazing structure but it’s the connective tissue that holds it altogether and stops it falling down. This muscular skeletal material is made up of soft tissues, muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments. For us to move the muscle has to contract and relax. Over stressing the muscle fibre will result in a consequential loss of elasticity. If you forget to move frequently and maintain a static position, for instance when you’re working at your PC without a break. You place stresses and strains on those muscles which result in micro tears, secondary tension then arises around these tears to protect them for any further injury. Causing you to feel tense and stiff with aches and pains.

If it’s uncomfortable to turn your head in one direction after a period sat at your desk its probably due to one of the smaller neck muscles that travel between each vertebrae becoming constricted or stuck. A good massage therapist will be able to find the muscles and through pressure and movement free the tissue to help relieve the stiffness and pain.

A massage can help to release those muscles and teach them to stretch and release again by applying pressure on the area. But the simplest way is to avoid getting to that point in the first place and there some simple exercises you can do to help yourself. Take a look at our video to see how you can in a few minutes make a difference to your own body and health

Employee well being and health can be a critical factor for any company so investing in regular massage at the office can be a positive health benefit.