Why I love my massage

zen man looking at the sea

zen man looking at the seaI am really lucky because my wife is a trained masseuse and I can occasionally ask her to work her magic and free the muscles in my back after a hard day at work.

But even if she wasn’t there I would always have a massage as I need to be fit and feeling well if I am to do my job as a Police Officer to the best of my abilities.

We are all under stress of some sort and I don’t think I’m unique but what I see around me suggests that people don’t pay enough attention to looking after themselves physically and emotionally.

But it’s the basics mechanics just like your car if you want it run smoothly you have to invest in looking after it and not always waiting until its broken down to do something. A regular service keeps the machine running. I know time is everyone’s precious commodity and there never seems enough time in the day to do the essentials but that’s part of the problem we are constantly attached to our gadgets, phones& PC’s, music etc. We are often in sensory overload for a large part of the day and night.

A massage helps not only to remove a knot in the muscle but also to ground us back again and take a few moments out of the day to feel human and relaxed. By making that regular commitment to see a therapist much like your hairdressing appointment you know you’re going to have that down time to switch off from everything.

I know there’s a cost involved for most people but quite honestly it’s no more than a lunch, a few beers or a Latte and a cake. Does this help our health probably not so why don’t we feel its right to spend some cash on something that will ultimately benefit us and keep us sane.

If I could access this massage service while at work I think it would have helped me feel calmer and perform better. Its time to take stock and appreciate the things that matter and give them priority.