Massage and the wondrous benefits for over 60s

Massage therapy is a great way to relax, and yet feel invigorated, restoring physical vitality and mobility it encourages us to do those the one thing we all need to so more of: relax.

As we age, our bodies need an increasing level of tender loving care and thus, massage is the key to relaxing mind, body and soul. The benefits of massage are simply delightful, as Onsite Plus Massage will tell you, but for the over 60s, the effect are wondrous…

·        It compliments any medication or treatment

The world of science has given rise to so many revolutions and revelations that we lose count but, it can also be seen as the ‘be all and end all’. As we age, ailments can increase with many people rightfully seeking help with medication and treatment.

Massage is not a ‘one size fits all’ but it can be something that can fit around so many ailments and the like. Choosing the right style and type of massage is just as important as choosing the right medication…

·        It can ease joint pain

A common ailment that many people suffer form as their reach their 6th decade is joint paint, caused by such ailments as osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that massage can be effective in dealing with the pain of this condition; people who were massaged twice a week reported an improved pain level of 23%, a decrease in stiffness by 21% and an increase in functionality of around 21%. With such dramatic results, it is worth asking your doctor for their advice on whether this is suitable for you or not.old man

·        Relax the mind and promote clarity of thinking

In the main, people choose massage because they love it! The love the way it makes them feel, from alive and rejuvenated, to the process of being pampered. Massage is known to reduce cortisol and elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, the combination of chemicals that help us stay alert and relaxed. Depression, fear and anxiety can be kept at bay, providing a truly relaxed mind, and enhance competent thinking.  American studies have highlighted how massage can be instrumental in helping those suffering from Alzheimer’s to remain calm.

·        Soothe the body, and renew the skin

The skin, as the largest organ in the body, can betray so much about us, from our stress levels to how healthy we actually are. Massage is one way of rewarding the skin for all the hard work that it does for us. As we age, skin elasticity is lost but massage stimulates circulation; this increased blood flow to the skin brings with it oxygen and nutrients hence, the skin can look positively glowing after a massage.

The massage oils too, can have a positive impact on the skin, packing in much needed moisture and softness. Muscle tone can also be helped, as well as improved flexibility and balance.

Making the right choice

As already stated, massage is a big area of therapy; there are many different kinds and thus, it is important that you get the right massage for the right reasons.

Massage in the main does not inflame or irritate the body but there can be times with certain ailments and so on, that massage can make an area sorer than what it needs to be.

To get the optimum benefit from massage, you need to talk to the therapist or masseuse about what it is you want to gain from massage, but also discuss some of the problem areas that you would like dealing with, as well as some areas that you want to avoid.

An expense too much?

However, for some people over 60, the cost of a massage, especially on a regular basis, can be too much for their income to bear; no one should place their well-being under so much pressure that they miss out on other important aspects in order to have a massage.

However, there are many schools and training centres across the country who offer reduced rates for people who are willing to be ‘guinea pigs’ for student therapists. Their work is supervised so that again, you can make sure that you get the right massage, for the right ailment!

Massage is a wonderful experience for any one, but for those of us over the age of 60, it is a fabulous way of restoring some much needed vitality and self-esteem, as well helping to control the inevitable aches and pains!