Desk massage

Massage at your desk is one of our most popular services. Our therapists will come to your staff and offer a 10 minute massage as they floor walk your chosen areas, departments and provide a re-energising 10 minute head, neck and shoulder massage to staff while they remain seated at their desk.

Massage at your desk
Head, neck and shoulder massage
Corporate wellness, good posture
Corporate Wellness, reduce back pain while at work
massage at your desk
neck massage relieves tension headaches
10 minute massage at your desk
Indian Head Massage

Our 10 minute head neck and shoulder massage at your desk

Choosing a desk massage service means we can be flexible on numbers from a very small team to a large site with many employees.  The massage at your desk events can be run regularly or as a special one off staff day. Suitable for any number of people for you to say – Thank You or recognition for extra effort. Or perhaps to tie in with something else happening on the day such as a health fair or a national event such as “National Stress Awareness day”.

A massage focused on relieving pain and tension of the scalp, neck, shoulder area and arms. If you have ever suffered with back pain, neck ache, headaches, and repetitive strain injury you  will benefit greatly from this treatment.

Desk Massage is so easy to set up and arrange as we work for individual teams or whole departments.

Massage at Your Desk doesn’t have to be all year-round. You may choose to implement a corporate  program during the busiest times of your year, when stress and absenteeism are likely to increase and you wish to show your appreciation. Combine it with one of our other therapies to get a greater impact.

Minimum booking 2 hours

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