We have over 100 registered therapists across the UK, too many to list below. But all our associates are accredited by their relevant trade bodies.  You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best practioner for your needs.

Meet the team and find out how we can help you


Jackie Price, Managing Director of Onsite plus

Before I joined OSP I worked for a number of years in corporate marketing and sales, so I am familiar with the stresses and strains associated with running teams and working to tight deadlines.

I decided to change direction and move into the Health and Wellbeing sector 5 years ago just thinking I would do something part time for friends and family. But I got the bug and actually began to appreciate how much better I felt when I had received a massage.

For many years I had spent life living with stiff necks, aching backs and sore shoulders and I realised I didn’t have to be this way and I wanted to tell others how good it felt.

I have assembled an experienced team of therapists and partners who work with us to give all our clients the service they deserve designed to meet the varied and diverse needs of all. Check us out, give us a call or email, you will not be disappointed


Yvonne Humphries, Senior Therapist, London.

Having worked for many years in a demanding and pressurised office environment I am well aware of the negative impact of long hours at a work station on the body and the mind.

12 years ago I retrained as a ‘clinical massage therapist’ and I have spent those years developing and enhancing my skills through advanced training and experience, to enable me to deal effectively with physical issues which arise due to the shortening and tightening of soft tissues in the body.

I specialise in providing massage in the corporate world and by using a variety of techniques, such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and stretching, I am able to restore soft tissues to their natural, pain free function. The most common physical issues I encounter in the workplace are, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, stress, repetitive strain injury to name but a few.

I am passionate about the need to provide massage services ‘on site’ as I feel that it is essential to the health and well being of staff and it hugely benefits employers by reducing absenteeism, increasing motivation and productivity. Afterall, “GOOD HEALTH IS GOOD BUSINESS”


Julianne, back and posture specialist

Julianne is the owner of Healthy Limbs Physiotherapy and advices and runs workshops for OSP on back and posture awareness and taking care of your most valuable asset – your spine. She is a Chartered Physiotherapist and has a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of the West of England. She is also a registered member of the Health Professions Council. Before becoming a physio, Julianne trained as a nurse and also studied Exercise and Health Science. Later this year she will be undertaking postgraduate study, doing a Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine


Liz Evans, Senior therapist UK

Liz is one of our most experienced therapists qualified in reflexology, pregnancy massage, swedish massage and accupressure chair massage. Liz lives in Hampton and covers the London and Southern Home counties


Anjanette is the owner of The Natural Alternative Health & Wellbeing Ltd

The employee health & Wellbeing Company with a Nutrition twist! Anjanette started working with OnSite Plus in 2010 and we have jointly run sucessful workshops on Stress and Nutrition. She is a qualified Nutritionist following 4 years studying in Sydney, Australia. Alongside running the business, she is also one of the leading Nutritionists at Nuffield Health and is currently studying an MSc in Nutritional Medicine.