Mini Health-Checks = Office Health Wellbeing

Our mini health-check identifies the key areas of health concerns and includes comparison and recommendations for each site/office ensuring follow-on support specifically addresses the main health issues. As part of a corporate wellness programme it can make a big difference to wellness at work.

You choose which tests you would like included in the employee mini health-check;

  • Total Cholesterol (pin prick blood test)
  • Blood Sugar (pin prick blood test)
  • Blood Pressure
  • BMI
  • Waist:Hip Ratio
  • Cardiovascular Questionnaire

Appointments vary in time from 5mins – 15mins depending on test criteria included and employees leave with their results at the end of the appointment. A complementary report is provided for management with our findings and recommendations.  Call or email to talk about your requirements and we will put a plan together for you.

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Nutrition workshop can help inform staff

Good News our nutrition workshop will help empower your staff to take control of their health through a better understanding of how what we eat defines who we are and the impact nutrition has on our daily lives. It also ensure you have a healthy workplace.

New You Nutrition workshop

Nutrition workshops look at all food groups

Why should you run a workshop?

Our nutrition workshops educate people about food and the impact food has on their daily lives. We talk about the importance of nutrition and its role in improving resilience, concentration, energy and stamina. It’s not a weight or diet class instead we talk about how your staff can help themselves through making informed choices about what they eat and when.

Where can you run a workshop?

Workshops can be in the office or offsite, either a shorter educational session over lunch or a more interactive half day workshop with ‘Taster Table’ a demonstration of healthy food and snack samples for people to taste.

Written and conducted by qualified nutritionists our workshops demonstrate the importance of nutrition in health and in doing so promote office health wellbeing.

Combining the nutrition workshop with a health check day and a massage event can really make the day special to your staff and encourage them to look at their health in a more positive way.  It also sends a message from the company to staff that they are valued and cared for as any asset of the company.  That health doesn't stop when you walk into the office door, that it's a more holistic approach to health care that's inclusive and informative but in a friendly way.  These interventions can make a big difference to workplace wellbeing and reducing your staff sick days by helping to educate people in a way that's good for them and the company.

Taster Table

This is the perfect solution for employees who struggle to leave their desk or who are unable to take full lunch breaks.


Our Taster Table is based on the theme ‘delicious & healthy breakfasts and snacks.

Taster Table


Employees are encouraged to sample foods provided by the Nutritionist to encourage eating healthier in the morning and to provide alternative healthy snack suggestions to boost their energy & concentration.


Everyone loves complementary

food making this a very popular

part of an event. 


Employees commonly ask Nutritionists questions about weight, digestive issues, stress management, insomnia, skin conditions, fertility and of course pick-up food & snack ideas.

Items you would normally find on our breakfast & snacks Taster Table;

  • Range of healthy cereals
  • Milk and dairy alternatives (soya, rice, oat)
  • yoghurt & soya yoghurt
  • Oat cakes and various dips
  • Selection of nuts & seeds

Items are provided in take-away containers for employees who are in a rush and can’t stop to talk to the Nutritionist.

"Two very good taster sessions run in buildings 200 and A. Staff were able to listen to the talks, ask questions and try new foods – a very informative session and a great quick guide to better food choices. Highly recommended." BP


Call us to find out more and improve your office health wellbeing, or e-mail to obtain a quote and include a massage therapist or another workshop and receive a discount on both