Office Massage Bristol

Office massage in Bristol

Looking after the health and well-being of employees is no longer an optional exercise. Increasingly, forward thinking, sector leading organisations are realising the need to take both the time and effort to promote staff health and well-being, as well as help them maintain it.

From family-friendly hours to other benefits packages, there are all kinds of tools and methods that companies are investing in so that they can decrease absenteeism, but maintaining or even increasing productivity.

Opting for chair massage in Bristol

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising that the need to maintain and promote morale and welfare is not just about away days and so on. The smallest of investments can have the biggest of impacts and this is exactly how chair massage at a Bristol business can be described.
Massage is associated with needing to lie on a massage table, the use of oils and so on. The heightened sense of relaxation from spa treatments is second-to-none but, the same sense of relaxation, coupled with heightened alertness and focus can be obtained from this kind of massage.

Using corporate massage in Bristol

Office massage can be offered in various ways to your employees. Some companies subsidise the cost of desk-based massage. This type of massage focuses on the areas most susceptible to aches and pains – the neck, shoulders and back.

Lasting up to 20 minutes, the increased blood flow to the muscles and skin can help to relax tired and tense aches and pains. Likewise, the emotional well-being associated with massage is in no way lessened by office massage at your Bristol business; employees will feel far more relaxed and stressed after just one session.

Massage is a welcomed, business-based activity that many employees will take advantage of. Why not find out more about the benefits by contacting us?