Office massage Glasgow

Office massage in Glasgow

Stress and absenteeism is something that affects all sectors across all industries. Studies show that each year, over 11 million days are estimated to be lost to stress-related absences, and a further 8 million days lost to musculoskeletal issues – in other words, the aches and pains of being huddled behind a desk, squinting at a screen all day.

How chair massage can help in a Glasgow business

Aches and pain, fatigue, listlessness and so on all impact on productivity, as well as the health and well-being of your employees.

Many Glasgow based companies are realising the need to provide a varied, and useful benefits packages that help their employees. Growing in popularity, office based massage at Glasgow businesses is something that everyone can benefit from.

However, when people think of massage they think of the spa-based packaged that involve lying face down on a massage table, with oils and the like used in treatment.

Chair massage at your Glasgow business can have the same impact and the same benefits as any spa-based massage. In fact, this kind of massage can target specific areas too – the head, shoulders, neck and back.

Opting for corporate massage for your Glasgow office

Massage in the work place is perfect for the forward-thinking, modern business. Realising that they too have a responsibility to keep their employees healthy, and the place in which they work healthy too, massage is just one tool out of many your business can use.

Corporate massage is cost effective – some companies pay for an initial massage session, then subsidise future ones – but, the increase in productivity and subsequently profits, is welcome.

Find out more about office based massage

Massage in a business setting is not difficult to arrange or host; our therapists arrive with everything they need so all your employees need to do is sit back and enjoy the massage.