Office Massage Nottingham

Office massage in Nottingham

From small businesses to global giants, the need to look after the major asset you have is growing every day. Your business is built on your staff group.

‘Looking after’ employees is no longer just about subsidising the gym, it is now so much more. Physical and emotional well-being of employees is crucial and with so many methods, ideas and systems to choose from, it can be difficult to know which of these solutions are best.

Office or corporate massage at Nottingham businesses is beginning to gather pace and popularity.

Have you considered chair massage at your Nottingham business?

The power of massage has long been proven. Physically, the benefits are enormous – circulation is increased, aches and pains diminished, annoying headaches can cease and overall, the physical feeling of being well is improved.

Emotionally, the power of touch is so strong that the chemical substances in the body that are released during stress and now counteracted by the release of mood-enhancing hormones. The emotional lift that massage can give is surely to be welcome in any office, shop floor, factory and so on.

Chair massage at your Nottingham business can create all of this in your employees. Their well-being is catered for, their focus is sharpened and there is a real possibility that productivity will increase too.

Harness the power of corporate massage in Nottingham

Massage sessions are given to employees, fully clothed and at their desk or in a quiet space using a specially adapted chair. Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, the main areas of the body that can carry tension, are eased with massage that will last for 15 to 20 minutes.

Used as part of a benefits package, employees will soon begin to realise the benefits of massage themselves. Over time, your business will too.

With competitive rates, office massage is perfect for all Nottingham business, across all sectors.