Pedal Power

Massage and cycling are two subjects I feel passionate about. I’m a complementary therapist by profession, specialising in Massage.

I’ve been practicing for nearly 13 years, having recently targeted more sport-specific target groups, such as cyclists. I have a keen interest in cycling, so it seemed a natural progression to offer treatments at events. I’ve been road riding for nearly eight years and this experience has helped me be aware of a cyclist’s body and how it’s used on the bike. Cyclists use their arms constantly and this can cause tension in the upper body and neck. Posture is key, so an awareness of the body’s position on the bike is vital to avoid recurring problems. Quads should be massaged deeply, along with the calf muscles. Legs need to be regularly massaged as lactic acid is constantly at large in the legs, which are the biggest muscle group in the body. The bike should be set up to avoid any of these problems. Injuries can occur at any level of cycling. However, seasoned cyclists are probably used to their aches and pains and know how to deal with these easily. A new cyclist may get pains if he or she isn’t used to riding. Additional types of strengthening work, such as core work and weights, are important to ensure the whole body gets a workout. Hands can also suffer when cycling, so holding on to the bars in different ways (hoods, bars and drops) can be beneficial.Cycling Ros

Most of all exercise within your own bodies limits, and enjoy your cycling.

Ros Barresi  Massage Therapist