A popular treat to recognize a good job done

Head MassageRegular office massage appointments are always popular but many companies find that staff do enjoy a treatment at their desk as a special occasion, perhaps when a new contract or extra difficult assignment has been well done. Although flowers and chocolates are a welcome gift, a work massage gives an extra message – that a job has been done well and that the employer recognizes that the employee has worked extra hard and they value their health and continued wellbeing. Corporate massage is easy to arrange with OnSite Plus and there is no disruption to the working day, so the staff can have an invigorating treat without turning office time management upside down.

Regular office massage visits pay dividends

With most office workers nowadays tied to their desks all day, the risk of repetitive strain is very worrying but apart from that there is increased tension in necks and shoulders as well as pains in the lower back and hips from sitting in a bad posture. Just a ten minute massage can reduce the stress in the muscles and can also alert staff to the fact that they are perhaps putting their bodies under unnecessary stress. The masseur or masseuse will be able to pinpoint problem areas and, once alerted, staff can take steps to making sure that they don’t let the tension build up in future. If you as a manager have noticed that productivity drops off towards the end of the day, you will almost certainly see an improvement when regular office massages are being provided for staff.

Employers and employees all get the benefit from a workplace massage

Office massage sessions are an excellent way of improving morale, wellness and productivity as well as reducing stress and tension. Many employers are wary of arranging massage sessions for staff because they are afraid that they will be disruptive and will break the office routine for hours on end but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. A work massage from OnSite Plus means that one person at a time receives a shoulder, head, arm and hand massage at their desk, there is no need for anyone to undress, lie down or leave the room and if ten minutes away from work seems like a long time, there is no need for an employer to worry – most workplaces see a huge upsurge in productivity following office massages which last long past the day on which they are delivered.