Be Happy

Be happy
It’s not enough to make customers happy: Employees have to be happy, too.

When Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, became a hit in 2010, one of the projects he and his team embarked on was the Delivering Happiness consultancy and coaching program. Its goal is to help companies realize the value of happiness in the workplace, and commit to improving overall job satisfaction.

Another of its goals was to share data about job happiness—and it’s not a happy thing to read. According to its surveys, 87 percent of the current workforce is unhappy. That’s 124+ million people in the U.S.—which translates to lower productivity, more sick days, more accidents, higher turnover, and a lot of financial strain to a company’s bottom line. So how do we reverse this trend?

One of my favorite TEDx talks is by Shawn Achor, who, besides making me laugh throughout his talk, gives clear examples of how students and people in the workforce are largely supported negatively. Most of us think that in order to be happy, we need to be successful first. But, as Achor points out, “If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there.”

In fact, his research has proven that “every single business outcome improves”—people are more productive, efficient, accurate, and faster—when they are happy in the current moment, rather than thinking they’ll get the prize of happiness if only they work harder or finish a goal.

I love this. Especially because his work has also proven that in just minutes a day, for three weeks, any one of us can be rewired to be more optimistic and successful.

Desk Yogi was launched with this very goal, and we’ve been adding even more video sessions that focus specifically on building and reinforce individual happiness, which in turn, can create and support happiness for everyone. From the True Happiness meditation session with Kenley to our new series Happiness at Work with Dr. Christine Carter, our goal is to pull you back into your being to gain perspective, peace, and energy now, rather than as a reward. You deserve it.

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