Prevent Monday blues with Monday massage

The Monday blues are all too common. Many people start to feel the impending doom on a Sunday evening of having to return to work; in most cases, people are being light-hearted and tongue in cheek but, there are some people who look at work as a stressful part of their lives.

control centreThey are not isolated in this opinion. Many people find that work is the main stressor in their life and thus, either muddle on regardless or begin to crumple under the strain.

How to de stress at work has become a hotly debated topic and with so many ideas, hints and tips, here are a roundup of some great ideas to make a day at the office a little less stressful…

#1 Step away from the digital device

We are all connected these days. From our smart phone to wearable gadgets, to the laptop and the tablet that we carry in our bags, to the desk top and beyond. But, studies are showing that these technological and digital gadgets that are meant to make life easier, could be making life more stressful than what it needs to be.

73% of respondents to a recent American survey said they felt their gadgets were their main source of stress, with 61% saying that their felt their mood was negatively impacted when messages and so on were spotted on their gadgets.

The solution? – schedule down time. Many companies are now using online calendars so create sections were you are not to be contacted via phone, text, email and so on. And stick to it!

#2 Be part of the company’s well-being programme

More and more companies are taking the health and well-being staff far more seriously than ever before. Keeping hold of skilled and valuable assets – its people – is key to a company’s growth and ability to stay at the cutting edge of their sector.

The solution? – check out what your employer currently offers in terms of wellness programs and ideas. If there is nothing offered as such, why not make a few suggestions? Subsidised office based massage is a great place to start, along with gym membership and other great deals that won’t break the budget.

#3 Take your lunch hour

Think about your average day: you may have the school run before your commute to work, the stress of finding a parking space within striking distance of the office, you are bombarded with email, deadlines and meetings and before you know it, it’s 3pm and you have hit a hungry slump.

You snack on ‘rubbish’ as you rush to pick the kids up, rustle up a great meal for the kids and pop something in the microwave for you…

And you may do this several times a week. Eating – and eating well – is key to maintaining a physical edge so that stress and other emotional factors do not take hold.

The solution? – factor in at least 30 minutes for lunch every day, and away from the desk. On a warm day, sit in the park or even if you sit in the car listening to the radio, it means you are away from your desk and away from the gadgets, the emails, the texts…

#4 Stretch

Many people work in a stationery position – sat at a desk, or standing in one spot. This leads to various aches and pains, but also to our channels of energy becoming blocked. This is why some people also suffer from repetitive strain injury, known as RSI. This is when the same group muscles are held in one position for a long time, doing the same thing over and over again.

The solution? – take a leaf out of the masseuse’s book and stretch the body to release tension in the muscles and ligaments. Likewise, massaging some of the tired and sore spots on the body are a great way of releasing aches and pains too.

#5 Be stress aware

Stress is everywhere but there are times when life, work and so on gets on top of us, making us feel stressed, unwell and out of control. Work is a major source of stress but not the only one. Relationships impact on our lives too. When relationships are going well, all is well but when the foundations of close relationships or friendships are rocked, life can become unstable.

The solution? – understand and identify what are your stressors and, when they are apparent in life or work, take responsibility and seek help. If there is counselling offered through work, why not take advantage of this ‘me-time’ every now and then?

Stress can be a positive driving force but it can also be undermining too. How do you deal with stress?