Psychological Effects of Massage

People don’t often realise that massage that can help with both our minds and our bodies. We know that massage can help with general aches and pains, but actually different methods of massage can help in many other ways too. With so many different types of massage ranging from Shiatsu and Reiki to Swedish and sports massage there really is something for everyone. So, what else can it help with other than muscles that hurt and joints that ache?

Feeling Better At Work

If work seems to get on top of you, or it is something that you don’t enjoy as much as you could then maybe massage can help. Massage tends to help us feel much more relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. It is for this reason that many companies are now offering on site massage to their employees as part of their work perks package. Although it is great because it helps employees to feel fantastic, it also benefits employers because this results in workforces being much more productive.

Reduction in Feelings of Anxiety

If you are someone that suffers with anxiety then this is something that can quickly become all consuming and hard to deal with. Whether you are feeling anxiety, worry, fear or another type of stress you’ll be surprised at how much massage can help. Massaged is designed to help us feel more relaxed, which immediately makes worries and fears much easier for us to deal with. On top of this massage also helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate which often rise when we are feeling stressed or anxious.

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