Has anyone seen the recent movie, ‘Sex Tape’ about a couple trying to put the spark back into their love life, starring Cameron Diaz?


On 8th January 2015, Onsite Plus was invited to attend the launch of this fun comedy on blue ray and DVD.


The evening was hosted in an elegant nightclub in Covent Garden!  I was invited along to supply massage to the many guests, from various parts of the media.


From 7pm onwards the club was buzzing with reporters and journalists all invited to participate in the launch of the movie.


The theme of the event was ‘bringing romance back into all areas of your relationship’.  It was an exciting evening and people were queuing up to experience a relaxing massage.


Keeping with the theme of the evening, I chatted to people and gave tips on how to massage their partner.  I gave some demonstrations on relaxing massage techniques.  This was combined with advice on the best essential oils to use to create a romantic ambience!


In addition to the popular massage, there was an informative talk given by a Doctor of Psychology and a journalist who specialises in relationships.  They took questions from the floor and the general topic was how to maintain a healthy relationship.  All very useful.


The evening was lively and fun and the massage as usual went down a storm with all the guests.


Massage is extremely popular both in the workplace and at special events.  It can be adapted to suit your needs or a special theme that you wish to create.  Whatever your occasion we can create a focal point and a popular add on to your special event!


To book our services at your special event, visit us at www.onsiteplus.com or call us on 01865 920230.  All of our therapists are hand picked for their skills and experience!