How SMEs Can Improve Staff Productivity & Moral in 2015

If you want your business to be as successful as possible then 2015 should be the year you concentrate on your staff. When you are a small or medium enterprise you come to rely on your staff for a lot of what your business is able to do and how quickly your business grows.

The chances are that you rely on a lot of your workforce to take care of every day work tasks. As much as you want to do everything you can, you simply cannot be everywhere at once so you do need to make sure that you can rely on people when you are not there.

There are many ways that you can build a workforce that you are able to rely on, however thinking about their well-being is a good way to get started with this. When you have happy and healthy workforce they are much more likely to work hard for you, which as a business owner is exactly what you should be concentrating on.  You can offer your workforce perks such as chair massage or discounts at local companies, anything that you feel is going to help them feel a little happier about working for you.

Getting The Most Out of Your Employees

When it comes to staff productivity and moral, it is easy to assume that pay is the main motivation. However this is not always the case. Although a fair wage is important, this isn’t enough to keep people happy. Most of us know that we need to work in order to bring in money and pay the bills. You need to give your employees more of a reason to be happy when they are working for you.

Thinking Outside of The Box

As well as a fair pay, you need to make sure that you give them many more reasons to be happy. Think about what you would like to receive if you were an employee and whether you can pass these onto the people that work for you. This could be something like a chair massage before work or free gym membership. A range of different perks are some of the best ways to ensure that everyone is kept happy and content in their job role.

The Importance of Productive Staff Members

Although a happy workforce is nicer to work with, it goes much more deeply than this. If you are paying staff wages then you’re going to want to make sure  that you are getting the best value for money possible. When it comes to business expenses you don’t want more out goings than you can help and staff wages are a big part of this.

It is well known that a happy workforce are much more like to work harder for you and be much more productive. When they are able to get on with their job and feel happier with the work that they complete they are likely to have a much higher morale.

How To Ensure That Your Employees Are As Motivated As Possible

One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are as motivated as possible is to make sure that they are happy working for you. When someone is happy working for a company that they are happy with they are far more likely to go the extra mile when it comes to working for you.

In order to help your employees be much happier, one of the best things you can do is create a stress free environment. This can be done in many ways, but helping employees to be more relaxed and deal with their anxieties much better is recommended. You might not realise it but massage can help with this in so many ways. There are companies that specialise in workplace massage. These people can offer massage to everyone in your workplace. They usually offer a range of massages services which means that they can suite very one who works for you.

Woman being massaged
Image Source: Flickr

Massage is a fantastic stress reliever and therefore your workforce will really benefit. It might not be your first thought when it comes to helping your employees, but it should  be. There are many different companies that have implemented massages into their workforces perks and they have noticed massive increases in staff morale and productivity.

If you want to help your workforce be happier in 2015 and as a result improve productivity you should consider workplace massage as one of the ways to do this.