Southern Water Supply Chain Health and Safety Conference

Chair Massage at an event

Chair Massage at an eventOnsite Plus was kindly invited to attend the above conference, as Southern Water are keen to improve their ‘health and wellbeing’ programme and to roll out some massage initiatives in the coming year.

I headed off bright and early, to avoid the traffic.

The conference was set in a fantastic venue, the Brighton and Hove Albion FC, American Express Community Stadium!! As I approached I could see the stands looming above the tops of the trees making it easy to find.

On arrival most of the exhibitors, a friendly bunch were already set up, early birds!! There was a buzzy vibe in the large room.

There was an emphasis on ‘healthy living’ reminding me how much the workplace has moved on in terms of ‘caring for staff’!  There was for example:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Help to stop smoking,
  • Exercise options
  • Swimming clubs

Chair Massage at an eventAt about 10.30 I was joined by the lovely Yana, who is a Brighton/Hove based therapist with amazing skills.  She was to give some short demonstration massages to ‘interested parties’ while I talked about the benefits of having workplace massage.

The massage chair was a BIG attraction with both delegates and other exhibitors.  The demonstrations were particularly popular, with many follow up enquiries about the service

It became clear that we did not have to do much persuasion; the benefits can be felt and are instant!! Our stand was buzzing!!

Our main messages were that massage at work:

  • Is a popular health and wellbeing option
  • ‘Reduces sick absences as it reduces aches and pains and emotional stress
  • Is a welcome break
  • Demonstrates to staff that their employer cares about them
  • And when paid for by the company, endorses the fact that it is ok to take ‘time out’ to use the service

Chair Massage at an eventA happier workforce equals a healthier business!!

Yvonne Humphries
Operations Director
OnSite Plus Ltd.