Sports deep tissue Massage

Any sports person will know that to excel at any sport, the body needs to be in good physical shape, but the road to reaching the peak of physical fitness can be paved with injuries and setbacks.

There are many key factors in any training kit, and deep tissue massage should be one of them.

What is deep tissue sports massage?

The muscles in the body are fibrous, extending and contracting so that we can move. However, there are times when these muscles become strained or torn, the result being not only pain but an inability to perform athletically.

Sports massage is one way of dealing with these muscles strains and sprains, but differs from other kinds of massage. Deep tissue massage uses slower, but deeper strokes with the elbow, thumb or knuckle used to apply greater pressure.

What does sports massage achieve?

The affected muscle groups needs to be relaxed, as well as waste products and toxins removed, two things that a sports massage offers. It also increases oxygen and blood flow into the area, aiding muscle repair.

Not all massages are given in the same way. Many people assume, for example, that every massage involves lying on a table, with the use of oils and so on.

It is possible, even in this case, for sports massage to be delivered whilst the recipient sits in a chair. A chair based sports massage is no less effective in dealing with common sporting injuries. It is also a great way for issue to be identified early too, and preventive action taken to prevent injury.

Make sports massage part of your training

Being fit and healthy is about being in touch with how your body feels and reacts. Regular deep tissue massage, especially for athletes, is a great way of keep muscles in tip top condition. Emotionally, the mind is sharper when it is relaxed, with sports deep tissue massage often bringing the mind in to sharp focus.