Include massage in your workout

The gym is a place that many people like to visit. Exercise is good for the body, as well as the mind. Regular exercise releases endorphins in the body, making us feel good inside and out.

However, there are times when we push ourselves too far, resulting in injury. Over-stretching, leaping beyond our current fitness level to reach a goal can result is muscle strain.

Fibrous muscles work by contracting and relaxing when we move, and a strain is caused when the muscles are over-stretched or tightened. When muscles are torn, small blood vessels can be damage, causing localised bruising as well as irritated nerve endings.

In most cases, the injury is temporary but, carry on ignoring the signs and the exercise that you do to stay healthy, can end up causing your body damage.

Use massage before the gym

We all know the importance of warming the muscles prior to exercise but, an often forgotten and under-utilised method is to massage before the gym. Just like stretching and warming up the body prior to exercise, a deep tissue sports massage at the gym can help to stretch the muscles, stimulate blood flow and relax the muscle so that it can stretch further, without tearing.

Post-exercise gym massage

Exercise can be tough on the body, even with all the correct warm up exercises and stretching. There are times when cramped muscles need help to loosen and this is when the power of massage can help. Again, stimulating blood flow to the muscle helps it to relax after strenuous exercise.

Use sports injury massage as part of your training programme

Preventing injury is the best policy, but when injury does strike, the best solution can be sports injury massage.

As well improving overall suppleness and flexibility, it can also be used to focus on of identifying weak muscles and can also help post-workout to reduce toxins, such as lactic acid.

Get the best from your body, opt for massage!