How your staff benefit from an Onsite massage…

When budgets are tight, operating margins are at the minimum and every penny of profit is hard to come by, it can seem an almost ludicrous suggestion for a business to spend money on a workplace massage scheme, such as office massages, for employees.

Some would see as a step too far, a complimentary therapy that is ‘all well and good… but not in the office, thank you’! But, providing and enjoying workplace massage comes with a long list of benefits that may mean the hard-earned profit starts to increase.

Getting past the negatives

There are many reason why not to invest in massage at work; there are many and numerous reasons from jealous spouses, to it being a little too personal to chare in the office. Not everyone is tactile, keen on being touched and others feel very self-conscious about being massaged ‘in the open’.

But this is where courage and bravery need to make an appearance, for Onsite massages are none of these things; it involves no embarrassment, no oils or people removing clothes…

The chair massage

Many workplace massage sessions are done with an employee relaxing into a chair that supports the full weight of the body. This instantly produces a lighter feeling, a sense of weightless and the massage is given over the top of clothes. Fifteen minutes of massage is known to have amazing benefits, but for some people, half an hour offers a complete de-stress, mind, body and soul.

And so, the next time you look out over your staff team and see tension, stress and anxiety, consider for a moment the impact an Onsite chair-based massage could have…

  • Employee morale, quite often knocked, battered and bruised from the smallest of things accumulating to make one big knock, is significantly increased in a positive way
  • Stress is a killer, in some cases, and many of us labour away each day, under stress that is slowly chipping away at our minds and bodies; massage helps to increase the friendly hormones and chemicals that push stress aside
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a term used to describe a whole host of debilitating aches and pains that comes from using the same part of the body, in the same way, over and over again; massage can be a great way of relieving this and also preventing it before it takes a firm hold
  • Many businesses and organisation work in highly technical and technology rich environments; research is showing that, like our computers and other gadgets, we are not switching our brains off. As well as impacting on relationships around us, it can also make us immune to switching off and relaxing, with work and technology always whirring in our heads. Massage can help bring us back from the brink of technology overload!
  • As the saying goes, ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and when you get the feeling of being on the work ‘treadmill’, then massage at work can be a great way of releasing some of this perceived monotony. It is a great, effective way to introduce something different!

Why chair-based massage is just perfect!

Many people, on hearing the term massage at work, will assume it involves undressing, screens, oils and the full experience that you would have at a spa or health clinic. A chair massage is different to this and so instantly, fears and concerns can be laid to rest…

  • Chair based massage means that no one undresses – the massage is given over the top of clothes. There is no need for anyone to be concerned about hair being messed up or exposing parts of themselves they would rather keep under wraps…
  • The massage is conservative, but effective. The power of touch is soothing and pleasant, rather than being pummelled which, for some people, is unpleasant
  • Happy employees are productive ones, with many managers finding that once their staff have been on the receiving end of a chair-based massage, that they workers are far happier
  • There is also a process that happens ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak; there can be a real and very pleasant shift in the way that employees view the company that they work for. The enjoyment derived from massage at work is not only tangible, but also emotional too.


However, some companies are unsure about footing the bill for massage at work and this is a real concern with budgets and profit margin being tight in today’s competitive market places.

However, you will be amazed at how cost-effective the service is, especially considering the benefits that it brings. It is growing in popularity and so many companies are opting to pay for a ‘basic’ service, with any other additional services being paid for by individual employees.

Why don’t you see what chair-based massage can bring your company?