Stress and Your Ear: Massaging This Spot and Its Benefits!

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Some people are experiencing stress caused by an extremely overly busy lifestyle in the 21st century. Office massage is the ideal solution. Whenever you stroke, pull, unroll, lightly twist, or rub your ears, you induce many acupressure points that go through the ears and into your whole body. Massaging your ears transmits happy emotions into the body by initiating the delivering of brain endorphins. The act of touch alone is very therapeutic. It enhances  the immune system in the human body, minimising feelings of tension or stress and can help you relax.


You have no need to understand ear reflexology to get the many relaxing, calming and well-being advantages. Basically, you can do whatever seems right for you. With office massage, you can stroke, pull, rub, make use of oil, or without oil, be gentle, soothing, all over, across the external or just the ear lobes to recharge your concentration, calm you, energise the body as well as release a healthy dosage of endorphins into the bloodstream.


The reasons and consequences of stress generally differ, and individuals experience it in several other ways. If you are stressed, you are left with the unpleasant feeling, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness or even pain in some areas of the body.


One thing you need to do is eliminate all detrimental feelings. Don’t keep them inside you, also get rid of any physical problem. Psycho reflexology may help you a whole lot with this. The reality is, nature has generated a number of anti-stress points in your body. You need to simply massage these areas to ease stress.


This kind of acupressure points also depress irritation and craving, and its remedy is to relieve discomfort in most part of the human body. Rub the Shen men point on the ear to ease anxiety. Shen men is also known as the Gate of heaven  and is situated at the middle of the top third area of the ear.


These are the advice by Dr Sandomirsky:


  • by using a cotton bud, you can press this point and lightly rub it. Inhale deeply.
  • then pay attention to your system very carefully.
  • keep inhaling deeply.
  • when you breathe in glance at your left, and on the breathe out turn to the right.
  • you will really feel how your whole body calms down.


Additional tips:


  • you can massage this point by making use of your fingers.
  • always massage it properly each time you’re stressed.
  • you may also try this technique each night before going to bed.

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How to massage your ear for stress relief


Pull your ear lobe between thumb to feel refresh

Lightly hold your earlobes between thumb and forefinger and gently pull downwards. Exhale gently. Do this again for about 6 times. If you seem to feel refresh and you can listen and hear better, fantastic! The exercise did its job.


Ear aerobic workout for energy

If you would like to energise yourself, you should give your ears the complete aerobic exercise routine. Work with your fingers to stroke and rub each inch of the outer ears. Steadily proceed towards the middle of the ear, making sure you massage each of the tricky to access spots. At this point go on to the rear of the ears, pressing the ear flaps a little bit forward in order to massage properly behind the ears and in to the ridge that joins your ear to the skull. You should feel the heat, the flow of blood and energy boost. You should at this point really feel far more energised and alert.


Unroll your ear to improve focus

Enhance concentration and focus by lightly unrolling the outer part of the ears, from the top right down to underneath. Do this about three times. This particular brilliant little brain workout is often taught to kids first thing each morning at school to assist them concentrate effectively. Probably you may want to test it prior to starting your next job.


Ear lobe massage in small circles to relieve tension

Work with the thumb along with index fingers to softly massage your ear lobes in small circles. After doing it a few minutes transfer your fingers up to the centre of the outer part of your ears, and lightly rotate the entire ear in small circles. This is an excellent option for tension relief in the body. Your ear lobes are usually energetically associated with your brain. If your right ear lobe is massaged it makes it possible for the left brain and also pituitary gland to be triggered. If the left ear lobe is massaged it enables the right brain as well as pineal gland to be stimulated, this provides you with a complete sound mind and improve brain.


Relieve anxiety by massaging outer ears

Put your left palm on the left ear and also right palm on the right ear. Shut your eyes, at the same time drop your shoulders. Carefully move the hands in a smooth circular movement, rubbing the external area of the ears using your palms. Carry on for no less than a few minutes and then repeat from the opposite direction. This can help you disconnect, only for a short time from the demands of daily life and alleviate any built up of stress and anxiety.