Stress and Employee Wellbeing

The Stress Management society says study after study show that prolonged severe stress has a negative impact on our health.

1 in 5 people say the find their work either very or extremely stressful

stress-ball-smallWork is certainly one of the key places many of us feel stressed. That stress can come from having a workload which we do not feel we can get through in the time we have, unsupportive colleagues or managers, or perhaps worrying about job security. Whatever the causes, there are certainly things you can do to help alleviate the pressure and have an altogether happier working life. Sometimes, stress at work can even lead to further medical conditions and sickness; however important your job is to you, that is certainly not something you have signed up for.

Apart from the individual impact of stress you add in the effect to the company of sick absence, accidents, low morale, and low productivity – you can see why it’s important that everyone takes ownership whether you work individually as a team or as a line manager. Corporate Wellbeing is crucial, there are a huge number of studies available which show that unhappy or pressured staff are far less productive than happy staff. This means that not only are individual members of staff not enjoying their job, but the company is also suffering as a whole.

Stress is not an illness it’s a state of mind – but if not addressed physical symptoms will manifest.

Work is generally perceived as good it gives people a sense of being, defines who they are and their status in society. Pressure at work is positive when it’s appropriate – it can motivate and stimulate people to achieve their goals.

Stress arises when people feel unable to cope and are no longer are able to balance the demands and pressures of a task or job either because they do not have the relevant skills or resources to complete the task successfully. Or perhaps had little say or control over setting the task.

Also consider the stress caused when people are bored or underutilised especially in the current environment of work as we worry about job security and financial stability. If as an individual we feel undervalued or looked over for recognition feelings of stress can manifest. A healthy workplace = A healthy employee


  • There is no one stress management plan for everyone
  • You need to work out what works best for you
  • Don’t try and change your life all at once
  • Start with the easiest first
  • Make slow changes, as you are more likely to succeed
  • Review and monitor your progress regularly

Good Stress Management can seriously improve your life!

Remember to switch of the gadgets and have some FUN