Is Stress at Work Making you ill?

Stress - free women

I read quite a sad article in todays’ guardian about an employee whose job load has increased greatly due to a colleague’s temporary absence from work.  This staff member is now expected to cover 2 jobs during the period of absence.   The impact of this has resulted in increased stress and pressure, her health is suffering and she feels a breakdown is round the corner.


This is just an example of the pressure we can be put under in the workplace and the potential impact it can have on our health.  In this particular case I believe there are some Human Resource issues, but often this is not the case.  Staff are expected to perform well at all times, despite huge workloads and unrealistic deadlines.


It is an employers’ responsibility to look after the health and well being of its staff, to ensure that they are not unreasonably burdened and that their workload is realistic.  Of course a certain amount of stress can be good, releasing adrenalin, which brings with it a feeling of power, heightened senses and an energy boost.  This can make us feel good and enable us to cope.


The problem occurs when we feel overwhelmed, there is no support system in place and our health starts to suffer.  This results in demotivated staff and sick absences, perhaps even resignations.


Massage in the workplace can act as a fabulous support to staff that are required to perform well under pressure and meet the demands of the company.   A short massage at work, provided by your employer can make staff feel valued and cared for, help to refresh and rejuvenate, reduce stress and tension.  It is a welcome break and generally makes people more productive!


Its so easy to arrange, and doesn’t cost a lot!  It makes good business sense to take care of your people and your people will take care of your business!


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