Swedish massage

The power touch can bring so many physical and emotional benefits.

A style of massage commonly used is Swedish massage, a type of massage developed to relax the entire body, as well as the mind. It has immediate effect, improving the state of relaxation, as well as stimulating the nervous system and blood circulation.

Swedish massage caters to all tastes

This style of massage can be slow and deep, or it can be vigorous and bracing. Your therapist can deliver you style you prefer. In some instances, this kind of massage can last for over an hour, with every part of the body massaged.

Lying face down, the therapist will usually start by massaging the back, using a variety of oils to aid not only the stroke, but the level of relaxation too.

It has been proven that around 45 minutes of massage can help in decreasing stress hormone, whilst boosting the increase of white blood cells to strengthen the immune system. It also helps to combat fatigue, muscle cramps and headaches.

A modern version

However, not everyone has time to spend every week having a massage that lasts for an hour and a half but, they would still like to experience the benefits of this style of massage.

Swedish chair massage negates the need for a client to de-robe and the use of oils is also not needed. The deep, penetrating yet relaxing strokes of massage can be given to a fully-clothes client, sitting on a specifically adapted chair.

Many corporate clients opt for Swedish chair massage as a means of helping staff to remain alert, relaxed and focused. The pleasurable, relaxing experience is in no way lessened, with increased blood flow to muscles helping to combat aches and pains.

Any kind of massage has enormous benefits, but the use of this kind of massage penetrates deep in to muscles, without pain, with brilliant results.