The benefits of facial massage

The face is subject to everything that we do in our everyday lives; from the harsh effects of weather, to the chemicals that we unknowingly encounter every day, the pollution and so on. It also portrays everything about our inner emotions – the stress, pain or worry, tiredness and so on, as well as the happier times of excitement and love.

As a result, there are many beauty treatments, from creams to invasive surgery that promise to deal with the things about our face that we don’t like… like the fine lines and wrinkles that many people detest as they begin to grow older.

Signs of aging are many factors that people find zap their confidence as they grow older but, studies have shown that the effects of facial massage can be just as effective, if not more so, that some of the expensive surgical procedures that many people feel are the only options.

Hidden in plain sight

facial massageThe most obvious things tend to be overlooked and a facial massage is one of them. They are easy to do, especially when you follow you instincts and yet, they are largely excluded from our daily skincare routine.

However, take a leaf out of beauticians and masseurs to understand the true essence and the many benefits that facial massages can bring.

Neither is the fashion world unaware of what facial massage can bring the catwalk models. Early morning starts, late nights, make up, lights, stress and so on all combine to take their toll on the skin and the face. Eyes can look puffy, the skin can lose its sparkling, toned qualities. Thus, many professional make-up artists understand the need to soothe the face, not just the skin but the muscles too. Many high end, professional make-up artists start the process with a soothing, yet gentle facial massage on the models.

Reaping the rewards

So why are all not reaping the benefits of facial massage? Massaging the face relaxes the muscles and connective tissue, soften the face allowing expression-induced fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips and brows to soften away.

It also removes some of the toxins that can cause spots, as well as de-puffing the skins and encouraging a better blood flow around the area.

With such benefits, it is hard to understand why we overlook the face when it comes to massage. When it comes to including it in our own daily routine, the pressure of time – from getting yourself ready and out the door, at your desk in record time, never mind getting the children to school and all the other hundred and one jobs we need to do between waking and leaving the house – and thus, ‘slapping’ on the moisturiser and a bit of make up to make us look presentable to the world is all that we can manage.

However, there is help at hand – opt for a regular professional facial massage and keep up the good work in the meantime with a quick, hardly-2-minute DIY massage at home…

You don’t need anything fancy, just a high quality moisturiser suitable for your skin. Instead of rubbing it on and thinking ‘that will do’, take a moment to complete these actions;

  • Start with the cheeks – draw big circles, pushing the skin in an upward direction with fingers or knuckles, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Repeat this around 5 times on each side, or more if you have the time.
  • Jaw to cheekbone – next, concentrating on one side of the face first, with large, upward sweeping movements stroke the skin from the jawbone up to the check bone. Feel the tingle in the skin as the blood is pushed through veins and capillaries! Repeat on the other side, repeating as many strokes as is comfortable.
  • Relax the lines – next move on to your ‘emotional lines’, the smile lines around the eyes, nose and mouth (or wherever you have them!); use gentle circular movements to relax the muscles and skin.
  • The eyes – our eyes are the windows to our souls if you see past the bags underneath them! Be gentle around the eye area as it is sensitive but start by stroking the skin under the eyes, gradually widening the circle so that it takes in the whole of the eye. Finish by making big circular strokes that take in the forehead immediately above the eyebrow.
  • The lips – for plumper lips without injection or forcing your mouth into a glass (!), simply pinch the lip between thumb and forefinger but do it gently; this increase blood flow into the lips, giving them a naturally plumper look and feel (albeit temporarily).

Facial massages are often underrated – until someone tries it! Why not book one to find out…?